cscript.exe exited on SERVER with error code 0

Dec 3, 2015 at 1:10 AM
hi team,

I am having an issue where the script identifies correctly when a server has updates to download and install, however when attempting to run the install patches option the output is cscript.exe exited on SERVER with error code 0 in the cmd, the 'installed filed is updated (in this instance 1 patch), however there is no patch installed on the machine.

I am running psexec version 2.44, and have tried this running from a windows 7 desktop, as well as on a windows 2012 server, both with the same result.

this happens if I run poshpaig from an admin command line with the following command powershell -executionpolicy bypass -File
It also has the same issue when running from within powershell (Not ISE) with the following:
PS Powershell -noprofile -executionpolicy bypass -file C:\temp\pstools\PoshPAIG_2_1_5\PoshPAIG_2_1

One thing I have noticed in my efforts to have it work was logging into the target server(s) and then run the install patches, a cmd window opens up on the target system, the patch(es) are installed, which leads me to believe this is an error passing credentials to the end systems.

any assistance would be appreciated